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Our incoming phone lines are open 10.00am to 1.00pm and 1.30pm to 3.00pm, Monday to Thursday only, however, we are all here working full, normal hours, i.e. 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, so if you need to email, or leave a voicemail, we will gladly respond promptly.

Upholstery and furnishings for Holiday Park Apartments, Lodges and Chalets

We have 34 years experience of supplying upholstery and furnishings for Holiday Park Chalets, Lodges and Apartments throughout the UK.

freestanding sofa cushions, backrests and scatter cushions
A sofa re-upholstered in contemporary and contrasting check and plain fabrics


We know that ‘tired’ upholstery in any letting accommodation, especially in apartments, chalets and lodges, can quickly put your newly arrived guests in a negative frame of mind. Before long they are in Reception with a long list of other things they are unhappy about! 

There are 2 different ways in which we can cover your Holiday Park Chalet or Lodge upholstery:

1. CONNOISSEUR Specification

We strip off your old fabric (if recovering existing cushions), or supply new foam, add Dacron Wadding to the foam and then permanently upholster your cushions in your choice of over 1,200 on-going, non-clearance upholstery fabrics.

A re-upholstered holiday park lodge lounge seating area
freestanding furniture suite re-upholstered in an attractive patterned fabric

There is a vast choice available including plain, semi-plain, and patterned fabrics in many types of texture, including Chenilles, Flat Weaves and Crushed Velvets, in a myriad of designs and colours.

Your cushions are then normally buttoned to give the finishing touch. Piping can also be added if you wish at extra cost.

2. Easy Care Specification

We strip off your old fabric, add Dacron Wadding to the foam and then cover your cushions from a range of OVER 200 MACHINE WASHABLE Upholstery fabrics.

These include plain and semi-plain Textured Weaves, Faux Linens, Crushed Velvets etc, in a wide range of colours.

An example of new cushion upholstery to our 'Easy Wash' specification
Our holiday park cushions are fitted with a full length, out of sight zip

We fit a full-length zip, out of sight, to enable you to easily remove the covers whenever you wish.

Our Wash-Easy option is ideal for loose cushions on furniture in chalets, apartments or lodges. Most Holiday Parks don't have these cushions buttoned as they want to easily remove and refit the covers after washing, often during the ‘change-over’ between guests.

Our ‘Wash-Easy’ covers are ideal if you allow pets in some of your chalets or lodges… not to mention of course your guests’ ‘lovely’ children!

Our Easy Wash specification re-upholstery is ideal for use with children
Our Holiday Park easy wash specification can easily handle the wear and tear caused by pets

To view our full range of over 4,000 searchable Fabrics, FOR CARAVANS, CHALETS & LODGES, click below to go to our unique…


We only use on-going decent quality fabrics from Mills we’ve worked with for many years, as opposed to cheaper ‘clearance’ fabrics where we can’t be sure of their quality.

You can choose from over 1,200 upholstery fabrics that we have available and we will happily send you fabric samples for you to try in your chalets and lodges.


Obtaining re-upholstery options and prices from us is just a simple TWO stage process…

Getting re-upholstery options and prices is a 2-stage process

1. Email us two or three images of the furniture you’re thinking of having re-upholstered, or perhaps there may already be images on your Park website? There’s no need to take any measurements. 

2. We’ll respond with options and prices, to Re-Upholster everything in your chalet or lodge, or we can quote for just the seats, or seats and backrests. If you wish we can leave armrests, kickboards etc. if you feel they look okay and you’re happy to choose a new fabric that ‘blends’ with what they’re covered in now.

We may be able come to your holiday park to collect caravan furnishings to be re-upholstered
A completed holiday park upholstery and furnishings order is returned for fitting


Depending on where your Park is located,we will either strip out and collect all your cushions in our own transport, or… 

…if that's not feasible, we can still work with you wherever you're located by using our FREE COURIER option. We’ll send you our special packaging, and plenty of samples of fabrics in the colours and types you’d like to see. 

Please note: our courier service is fine for collecting and delivering cushions, but if you have freestanding armchairs and sofas where you want the whole frame Re-Upholstered, then a courier won’t be an option.

We offer a free courier service option to collect and return your furnishings order
We'll gladly supply samples and the packaging required to get your furnishings ready for collection

Whether you have 1 chalet or lodge, or 100, we will be very happy to hear from you… we promise you a friendly and efficient response!

Cushion Refilling

We can help if some of your chalet or lodge furniture is suffering from cushions that have lost all their ‘oomph’, as we technically describe it! 

Our cushion refilling service can totally rejuvinate your furniture
A leather holiday park reception sofa looking tired and worn
BEFORE – furniture Cushions Tired and Floppy!
The re-filled sofa is like new
AFTER – Appearance & Comfort Restored!
Old static caravan foam seat cushions lack support
Old Cushions Lack Support
Static caravan seat cushion support restored with new high density foam
Re-filled with high density foam

We are able to professionally refill your existing cushions with our High Density filling to give back the comfort your guests deserve. Of course, we can also use this new filling if we are Re-Upholstering cushions for you.

We offer our Cushion Refilling Service throughout the UK.

Regardless of whether your cushions were originally filled with feather, fibre or foam, we have many years experience of carefully shaping new fillings to fit into your existing covers, to return them to their original comfort and experience.

Cushion Re-Lining

Static caravan seat cushion linings can become tired and worn
The lining has started to disintegrate on these seat cushions
We have transformed this caravan seat cushion by replacing the old lining for new

Worn or torn backing fabrics are a very common problem in Holiday Park lodges and chalets (Especially the top rear edge of backrest cushions) and over the years we have seen some pretty dire sights! The original cushion manufacturers often use a poor quality man-made fabric as their lining, which just doesn’t stand the test of time.

We offer our Cushion Re-Lining Service throughout the UK.

So if you have any cushions suffering in this way then we can professionally Re-Line them for you, using a good quality Cotton Twill fabric, and this time fitting a zip.


We have a huge range of ready made curtains suitable for holiday park buildings and accommodation
we can supply ready made holiday park curtains with rufflette or eyelet headings

We offer a wide range of Ready-Made curtains that are ideal for lodges, chalets and apartments. We also offer a ‘Drop Alteration Service’ if you need non-standard lengths.

We also offer a curtain drop alteration service if required
ready made curtains in a range of modern patterned fabrics

As well as offering ready-made curtains, we also have our own in-house team of cutters and machinists to make made-to-measure curtains for your chalets, apartments and lodges. We’re set up to make them efficiently and at a cost effective price.

We have our own in-house fabric cutters
One of our in-house machinists at work

To see our range of Ready-Made curtains and prices, please click here to go to our sister company (Housekeeper’s Heaven) on-line store.

Net Curtains

We supply net curtaining specifically for caravans and holiday park accommodation
We supply curtain sundries such as curtain wire, track, hooks and fittings

The method by which we supply net curtaining to Holiday Parks, Hotels and Housekeepers has proven to be very popular.

We sell it to you in either full ‘bales’, each bale consisting of approximately 40 metres of a particular ‘drop’, or as a cut length of your choice. The tunnel for the net wire is already attached all along the top of the net, so you can simply cut the widths of curtaining you require and then hang them!

We offer many different drop sizes, in a choice of designs. Net curtain wire, hooks and eyes, are all readily available.


We can make and supply roller blinds complete with the mechanism
We can also supply bespoke venetian blinds

The blinds fitted in many Holiday Park chalets and lodges often begin to look very worse for wear after a few years.
To solve this problem we make ‘Wipe-Clean Vinyl’ Roller Blinds to minimise the problems of cooking splashes in the kitchen… and mildew in the bathroom!

We offer them in 6 ‘Standard’ sizes to fit many kitchens and bathrooms, but we can also make them to measure if required. Our blinds come complete with all fittings, brackets and safety components.

We also offer good quality made-to-measure replacement Venetian Blinds for kitchens and bathrooms.


We can supply foam mattresses for bespoke and standard bed sizes
Our bespoke mattresses are supplied with a durable zip-on cover

Our Park Mattresses have proved very popular with Holiday Parks all over the U.K. We make them in-house and use a high quality foam that offers excellent comfort and durability. They are non-allergenic and do not cause perspiration.

One of the main reasons Holiday Parks love our mattresses is that every mattress we supply comes complete with an all over zip-on mattress cover. You can choose from washable polycotton, quilted and waterproof versions.

As regards sizes, we make them to any size you require, including narrow singles and sofa bed size. As well as making them ANY size, we can also SHAPE them in any way if required.

For prices please click here to go to our sister company (Housekeeper’s Heaven) on-line store 

Mattress Covers

we can supply a large range of mattress covers and protectors suitable for holiday park accommodation
Our mattress covers can be made to fit any size mattress - even for sofa beds

We make Holiday Park Mattress Covers that actually fit! Despite many bedding suppliers believing that a standard 36” mattress cover looks great on a narrow 24” mattress, we find there is a great demand for what we make.

We have 8 types of cover to choose from…..all available in any size you require!

For prices please click here to go to our sister company (Housekeeper’s Heaven) on-line store 


We supply a vast rabge of holiday park bedding including duvets, duvet sets, blankets, pillows and protectors
An exapmple of one of our zipped, machine washable pillow covers/protectors

We offer a comprehensive range of bedding to Holiday Parks for their letting fleet lodges, chalets and apartments. All of our bedding has been chosen for its durability under the harsh environment of letting accomodation, and its value for money.

In terms of pillows and duvets we offer:

5 types of pillow
9 types of pillow protector
5 duvet variations, each in 5 sizes
2 types of zipped duvet protectors

We have a wide range of ready made duvet and pillowcase sets for many bed sizes
ur contemporary patterned bedding sets

We also offer:

Linen in Percale, or 200 Thread Cotton, or Satin Stripe
Numerous designs of Printed Bedding
8 colours of Bed Throws
3 Colours of Bed Runners

For full details and prices of our entire Holiday Park Bedding Range, click here to go to our sister company (Housekeeper’s Heaven) on-line store, or contact us. 
We hope we’ve ‘whetted your appetite’ as to what we can offer you as a Park Owner or Manager.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are gald to assit with your enquiries
Sales staff at our Bristol based office and showroom

We pride ourselves on offering the same friendly, efficient service as we’ve done for the last 34 years. None of our staff are paid on commission and you’ll find us very much down to earth and here to just explain options and prices, rather than pressuring you into buying something!

Whether your park has 1 apartment or lodge, or 100… we will be very happy to hear from you!

Just give us a call on 0117 941 0222, or click here to enquire on-line.